Copy that will meet me in hell.
I'll let go never.

After a long hot day on the back of a donkey, sit your ass down and look at some stars.

10/10 cacti recommend standing in the same spot all day and night.

Fall in love with Arizona’s night sky, just don’t bump into a cactus. (Fun fact this happened to me.)

Minimalism is dead, just like your ends.

Having kinky curls doesn’t mean you like getting your hair pulled (by your brush).

You know you don’t need a man, you need a mane.

Canadians; french people who don't hate Americans.

The only thing Canadians aren’t sorry for is their denim on denim look.

¼ the population means ¼ the amount of people who don't use their blinkers.

Where an igloo has more square feet than your studio on 8th.

Makes your lawn so lush, dogs will sniff your grass over another dog's ass.

Because no one, literally no one, wants a bath set.

More wild than Gina after her semester abroad she won't shut up about.

The best thing to happen to mail, since email.
Don’t come to Hawaii, traffic already sucks.

Don’t touch the lava. Yes people do that.

Gluten-free. Not that anyone cares if you’re gluten free.

If she doesn’t reply to your “Hey Queen” DMs she probably is not into you.

In a nation divided, let’s see things a little more two-sided.

Back in the day, writing a letter was the colonial equivalent of sending a late night, "You up?" text.

Get her a candle, bitches love candles.

After 20 years of marriage, they need something to spark in the bedroom.

Yankee, because what else do you get your neighbor’s sister’s boyfriend?

Nothing like some hot wax in the bedroom, kept in the jar though. Unless?

Watches; bracelets that have done time.

A picnic in the park after a week that definitely wasn't a walk in the park.

Our biggest fear, is that we will sell out, and thus, become sellouts.

Since I don’t let my bread rest, it’s no surprise that I won’t rest, until you take a look at my book.

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